ANNOUNCEMENT: Dr. Dulce Filgueira to present at 3rd Annual ISA Forum on Sociology

Dr. Dulce Filgueira, professor at the University of Brasilia and current visiting scholar at PCS, will be presenting at the upcoming 3rd Annual International Sociological Association Forum of Sociology in Vienna, Austria, July 10-14, 2016.  Dr. Filgueira’s will be discussing some of her current research in a presentation titled “Embodiment and the Relation Time-Space in the Late Capitalism.”

Dr. Filgueira is working on some fascinating research concerning the sociology of the body.  We wish her the best of luck with her presentation at the ISA Forum of Sociology in 2016.

Below is her abstract:

The sociology of the body can be understood as a fruitful environment of research aimed at understanding human embodiment (LE BRETON, 2006; CSORDAS, 2010; 2008). Therefore, it can be considered that sociology of the body has three fields of activity which are: those dedicated to social and cultural logics of the body; those related to the imaginary social studies of the body and the last one those who consider the body as social mirror. By setting these three fields of research for sociology of the body, Le Breton (2006) aims to instigate reflections on how the embodiment of the phenomenon can be understood in the context of the social sciences in what we call late capitalism (ANDREWS, 2006). In this context, the relationship between time and space become complexity, because, in the late capitalism, the body presents different forms of experiencing that relation. Thereby, there are several ways of understanding the body practices, their senses and meanings, especially in religious rituals, dances, festivals, parties, and other daily life practices meet varying time frames and take place in natural spaces. Here, the body is polysemous and, at the same time, idiosyncratic. Our purpose is to broaden the debate about the embodiment in the context of experiencing time and space, considering different theoretical and methodological approaches in the field of social sciences. We encourage strong support by an empirically based research as a good prerequisite to pursue, but theorical reflexions will be consider too.


2 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT: Dr. Dulce Filgueira to present at 3rd Annual ISA Forum on Sociology

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