About Physical Cultural Studies

PCS Logo

The Physical Cultural Studies Program at the University of Maryland, College Park is comprised of a group of research scholars and graduate students who seek to better conceptualize, historicize, contextualize, and critically interrogate elements of the corporeal within everyday life. Though our research interests are diverse, drawing from multiple academic disciplines and leading us to different regions of the world, we are united in our commitment to conducting theoretically informed, politically charged, and potentially emancipatory research.

We are part of the Department of Kinesiology in the University of Maryland’s School of Public Health at College Park, Maryland.  The graduate students can be collectively reached via email at umdpcs@gmail.com.

The following are just a few important academic programs, both in the U.S. and internationally, critically studying and examining physical culture in all its forms and expressions:

Physical Cultural Studies at the University of Bath

Center for Sport, Health, and Equitable Development at Florida State University

The Physical Cultural Studies and Sport History Laboratory at the University of British Columbia

The Sociocultural Studies of Sport, Health, and the Body Program at Queen’s University

The H.J. Lutcher Center for Physical Culture and Sport at the University of Texas, Austin

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